RA Federal Services

RA Federal Services provides facilities management, construction and supply chain support for US Government projects

RA Federal Services provides facilities management, construction and supply chain support for US Government projects operating in some of the world's most challenging environments.

If you need to venture into unfamiliar countries and cultures, remote locations or conflict areas, we supply what's needed for you to do your job.

Deliver. Regardless.

Our mission

Our Mission

Through infrastructure and support services, we simplify project success for organizations that aim to make a difference.

Wherever there are challenges, in remote locations, conflict areas, or places that are demanding for other reasons, it's our job to be a one-stop-shop to simplify project success. Through our research-led methodology, we know how to identify and handle challenges.

Our vision

Our Vision

The most reliable partner for projects with global impact.

We are often considered the world's leading remote site service provider. This has given us the experience and expertise to take on projects in other locations - both simple projects in challenging locations and complex projects in more quiet surroundings. Anywhere there are challenges, we can bring our expertise and experience to simplify success.

Our purpose

Our Purpose

We deliver immediate results and lasting change.

Our clients want results - fast. And that is what we deliver. But our ambitions reach further: We want to positively impact the societies and communities in which we operate. We improve lives and conditions by providing jobs, training and education, and by supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Services

With a comprehensive service offering for US Government clients, we consider ourselves one of the top remote site service providers. From embassy renovations in East Africa and the Middle East, infrastructure works in Somalia, and food supply in Africa, we have a proven track record to deliver quality services in foreign locations.

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

By hiring the experience of RA Federal Services to look after your facilities, you can focus on the job at hand. With us, you get a single-source supplier for everything you need to keep you going.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

A major advantage of working with us is our ability to use the best suppliers both domestically and internationally. All suppliers are vetted in terms of quality, quantity, compliance and lead time. We develop and implement supply chain solutions that enable you to start new projects or to maintain existing equipment and facilities.



We can be trusted to take on any long-term or short-term construction projects. We construct permanent, semi-permanent or temporary facilities such as runways, secure facilities, and camps and use professional construction expertise from the design phase to the completion phase.

Client Testimonials

"They're into the environment, looking after their workers. Into gender balance, as much as possible, and women's rights. Smart company."

"Incredibly good at delivering infrastructure and functions in horrible places."

"They're pragmatic. Listen to what we want. Keen to learn. Adaptive."

"Working in austere locations in conflict- and post conflict-areas is difficult, as is dealing with governments. If you can work in that type of environment, you can work anywhere."

"For challenging circumstances in difficult countries, they would be at the top of the list."


We place great emphasis on sustainability in everything we do. Keeping our workforce skilled, increasing the efficiency of using natural resources, and developing the resilience of small businesses are our top priorities.