Here, there, everywhere

RA FS and its sister companies within the RA Group have an existing global footprint that allows us to offer our clients rapid project startup, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Our team understands what it takes to quickly establish legal operating entities in foreign countries in support of our clients’ project needs and we go the extra mile to ensure our locally registered businesses are fully compliant with host nation laws.

Have you ever wondered what working in Somalia would be like?

Martin Hollis, Procurement and Logistics Manager for RA Global Operations and previously Deputy Country Manager in Somalia, sheds light on the rewarding and exciting aspects of working within a culturally diverse company that puts its employees’ interests first.

East Asia – Pacific

Diego Garcia: RA is partnered with ECC International to provide support to the UK Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Defense.

Middle East

Oman: RA built a 450-man camp for the UK Ministry of Defense in support of a combined military exercise between UK and Omani armed forces.

Sub-Sahara Africa

South Sudan: RA is providing life support, facilities maintenance, and construction services to the US Embassy in Juba.

South America

Suriname: RA is partnered with Cherokee Nation Mechanical to complete renovations to the US Embassy in Paramaribo.