By hiring RA Federal Services to design and / or construct your buildings / facilities you can rest assured that you will receive purpose-built structures that reflect the terrain and environment around them. We design our camps and buildings to be both energy efficient and sustainable. Upon completion of construction our staff can train yours to maintain the buildings and infra- structure, or we can offer a follow-on package of integrated facilities manage- ment.”

Civil Construction
Do you need paved roads, gravel roads, road rehabilitation, temporary bridges, helipads/runway construction, drainage systems, horizontal engineering? RA Federal Services can provide all of these.

General Construction
What are you looking for? Permanent and temporary structures – brick and mortar, prefabricated, tented, hard wall, soft wall, single-story, multi-story, containarized units – we offer them all.

The Professionalism Will Succeed. Regardless.

A typical day at the office? You won’t find that at RA. Our work is full of challenges…and rewards. This short film from the Central African Republic gives you an idea of the work we do and how we approach it.