Is there an established supplier and logistics partner network where you’re heading? If not, how will you ensure that food supplies, maintenance supplies, spare parts and general goods are procured and delivered when you need them?

At RA, we cast our nets wide and take advantage of the best that international and local suppliers have to offer. All suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure that their commitments are attainable – with regard to quality, quantity and lead times. We develop and implement turnkey supply chain solutions to help you get new projects off the ground, or to keep existing facilities and plant/equipment going.

Our standard service offerings include:

Warehousing and yard management
Inventory control
International procurement
Local procurement of material, equipment, and food supplies
Delivery by air, road, and sea
Last mile logistics into remote sites
Site and location analysis
Goods consolidation and repacking
In-house or third-party consulting services
Sophisticated management and software solutions
Load consolidation
Freight forwarding and clearance of goods

Local Procurement
Where we can, we procure locally but never compromising on quality or service delivery. This approach encourages the growth of small and medium businesses and, in doing so, contributes to the long-term stability and self-sufficiency of the communities where we operate.

Going that extra mile
Anybody who’s worked remotely knows about the ‘last mile’ problem and its disproportionate effects on site management and costs. We’ve become specialists in going that ‘extra mile’. We build everything from access roads to airstrips to helicopter landing pads to ensure that supplies reach your camp when they’re needed.