We want to positively affect the communities in which we operate through training and education, economic impacts, community support, and equal opportunity. Every action we take is designed to make a lasting impact. This approach builds trust and good relations, and it earns us our licence to operate.

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Creating equal opportunities

Providing equal opportunities and having a diverse workforce is embedded deeply in our DNA. We believe having a diverse workforce of more than 50 nationalities is one of the main contributors to RA’s success. We are committed to enabling all of our employees to achieve their full potential, irrespective of gender, disability, age, race, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or personal beliefs, and have set an ambitious target to increase the number of women working for us.

Community support – ‘What we can. Where we are.’

In addition to creating opportunities for local people, we provide support to meet the needs of the communities where we work. Our approach is determined by local considerations and events, hence the nature of our support varies between locations and from year to year.

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