COVID-19 Relief Efforts

RA International is supporting efforts to curb the spread of COVID across our operational areas in Africa by donating high-quality KN95 masks.

Supporting people displaced by conflict

We at RA International are doing ‘What we can. Where we are.’ to support people displaced by the conflict in the Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique.

Tackling bribery and corruption

Since we operate in such complex and often unstable environments, the 10th principle of the UN Global Compact is especially relevant to us. It requires participants to not only avoid corruption, but also to develop policies and concrete programmes to address it.

Combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation

At RA, we often work in or close to vulnerable communities, which means our staff have an extra responsibility to behave ethically.

More sustainable snacks

After analysing the impacts of importing and storing large volumes of wraps at our Mogadishu site, we decided to upgrade our kitchen equipment and make the wraps in-house instead.

Optimising water use and reducing plastic waste

Since early 2020, all the staff and residents of our Mogadishu compound have been getting their drinking water straight from the tap.

New laundry design saves water and energy

In 2018, we introduced plans to install industry-leading, environmentally friendly technology at three of our smaller laundries. The new equipment filters and recycles water at various stages of the wash process so it can be reused for the washing cycle of the next load.

Success in Somalia founded on respect

When RA first started working in Somalia in 2009, the country faced severe challenges. There was a transitional government, virtually no infrastructure and the local population had lived much of their lives in a conflict-ridden state.

Perseverance pays off in Mpoko

In 2015, the UN initiated a youth employment project in Mpoko, a suburb of Bangui, Central African Republic. Its goal was to help the young, including former combatants, back into employment.

Helping an Olympic athlete be a role model to her community

Not many companies have an Olympic athlete on their staff, but RA does! We’re proud to have Elisabeth Mandaba as part of our team in the Central African Republic.

Emergency food aid

RA has a strong presence across Somalia, where the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) is an important partner. When AMISOM put out a call for emergency relief in March 2018, we were among the first to respond.

Helping the children

In early 2017, our staff in Bangui, CAR, could not help noticing the run-down building full of children, which lay just a ten-minute drive from our office. They asked around and learnt that it was an orphanage run by Nuns and home to forty-five orphaned children.

WASH initiatives in Somalia

When our team in Somalia understood the severity of the humanitarian crisis caused by the persisting drought in Southern Somalia in May 2017, they wasted no time in offering support.